GF Machining Solutions offers a complete line of die-sinking machines that delivers the speed and performance that our customers have learned to expect. With features such as “IQ” Technology which drastically reduces the electrode wear, to the ability to produce surface finishes down to a Ra 0.2 µm.

The Cut Series Wire EDM are powered by the latest “IPG” Generator delivering cutting speeds 20%-25% faster than previous models with standard brass wire. “3D Setup” eliminates manual indicating of your parts allowing for more productive cut time. “ASM” Automatic Slug Management automatically removes slugs from the workpiece giving your shop total unattended operation for the manufacturing of stamping dies.

GF Machining Solutions’ range of high-speed milling machines offers a solid structural design, high-speed spindles, high feed rates, and best-in- class acceleration for machining complex three and five axis surfaces across a wide range of applications. GF Machining Solutions high speed milling machines are 10 times faster than conventional milling machines in terms of cutting speed. GF Machining solutions is proud to have sold more 42,000 rpm spindles worldwide than any other machine tool manufacturer.

Discover a new dimension of freedom of design, process optimization and higher productivity with GF Machining Solutions Advanced Manufacturing . Confidently explore new business opportunities with Laser texturing and Additive Manufacturing.

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In today’s competitive global market, innovative machine tool technologies are a must. That is why Midwest Machinery Solutions is the proud exclusive distributor of +GF+ Machining Solutions for Illinois. +GF+ Machining Solutions is recognized throughout the world as innovative leaders in machine tool technologies. With our combined 60 plus years of industry expertise, and our partnership with +GF+ Machining Solutions, Midwest Machinery Solutions will help keep your shop at the leading edge of technology.

Included in their exceptional product line are the following:

AgieCharmilles EDM
Mikron High Speed 3 & 5 Axis Milling
Laser Ablation / Additive Manufacturing
System 3R Tooling & Automation
EDM Consumables