Advanced Manufacturing

Laser Texturing
GF Machining Solutions’ high-precision Laser texturing solutions allows you to easily with infinite repeatability make your distinct mark on 3D geometries in a wide range of industries. These industries include automotive, consumer electronics, packaging, tooling, mold making, and lifestyle/consumer products (shoes, sporting products, and luxury goods).
Laser Micromachining
Experience clean, lightning-fast micromachining while maintaining high accuracy and productivity, with femtosecond Laser technology. GF Machining Solutions offers the industry’s most complete line of Laser micromachining platforms optimized for small, high-precision features to meet the increasing need for the smaller, smarter parts to support today’s leading edge products.
Laser Additive Manufacturing
GF Machining Solutions, a leading global provider of complete solutions to the precision machining industry and manufacturers of precision components, and 3D Systems, a leading global provider of additive manufacturing solutions and the pioneer of 3D printing, have partnered to introduce new metal 3D printing solutions.