Charmilles FI440 Wire EDM Low Hours !!

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Year 2002

X, Y, Z travel in. 21.65” x 13.77” x 15.75”
U, V travel in. 21.65” x 13.77”
Max. taper °/in. ± 30/15.75”
Max. workpiece dimensions 47.24” x 27.56” x 15.75”
Max. workpiece weight 3,307 lbs.
Anti-Collision Protection Standard all 5 axis
Wire diameters available in. 0.012” to 0.004”
Automatic threading for wire .0012” to .0004”
Min. finishing μm Ra 0.2
Closed diamond wire guides
Largest spool size 17.6 lbs. (K160)
Position measurement system Linear Glass scales
Measurement resolution μ in. 0.00002
Control – CT Millennium
Operating system Windows
Hard disk capacity 10 GB
Total volume of dielectric 317 gal.
Dimensions of equipment 102.36” x 110.63” x 88.19”
Total weight of equipment (without dielectric) 5401 lbs.
Some of the above specification are subject to change, please be sure to confirm any questions prior to purchase.